What We Do

Extrusion of the films, nylon films, PE films, POF films, PE films. with printing service

Sausage Casings

polyamide casings

extrusion from caliber 15 to 200mm. quick peel off type sausage casings.  caliber less than 35 had no nets on it. convient and quick use.


Printing Service

We offer printing service for our plastic casings, and each bags, films.

Polyolefin films

pof films

we do the extrusion of the films, include POF films, PE films, PA films, PVC films for different application. Special for food industry

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum Bags for Food

co-extrusion 7 layers PA/PE strech vacuum bags for sausage, Chicken, Port, seafood etc

Shrink Bags

Shrink Bags for food

co-extrusion 7 layers PA/PVDC shrink bags for fresh meat, sausage, seafood etc

laminated film rolls with printing

printing rolls film

we produce each laminated films for food packing and offer printing service for the films

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