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ddpacking is a leading manufacturer for plastic sauasge casings, POF films, vacuum bags for food packaging etc. Hailing fromDandong of China, we work closely with top brands and companies since 1993. Discover how we can collaborate to transform the way your business performs.

About Us

ddpacking is the subsidiary company for Dandong Dedan Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd and takes the responsibility of export work.

Dandong Dedan Packing located in Liaoning province, established since 1993, professional produce each type of polyamide sausage casings include five layers high barrier sausage casings, three layers quick peel off sausage casings. the casings can be in any color, or in shirred, printed. also we produce 5 layers POF films, PVC films, PE films, PA films and related vacuum bags. 

What We Do

films, printing, packaging


Sausage Casings

extrusion, shirred printing

multi layers polyamide sausage casings

from caliber 15 to 200

printing to 7 colors

shirred from caliber to 70

Printing Sausage Casings

Printing Service

multi layers polyamide sausage casings
from caliber 15 to 200
printing to 7 colors
shirred from caliber to 70


Vacuum bags

for food packaging

PA/PE 7 layers high barrier co-extrusion laminated vacuum bags for food packaging.
Uniform in thickness
Best transparent rate
High barrier

polyolefin shrink films

POF films

Adopts DOW brand raw material, produce the best quality POF films, center folded or perforation service offered.


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+86 13464586958

Meet the Team

Get to Know Us

Cheif Sales Manager

The creativity and brand thinking of Joey absolutely blew us away when they joined our team and they’ve been wowing us ever since. There is nothing they can’t do when it comes to producing outstanding client work.

Creative Director

Our Creative Director, Emma has the incredible knack of translating strategy into golden ideas to impress our clients. They pride themselves on giving back and helping mentor our younger team members.

Christine Xu


Account Manager

Christine is a dedicated Digital Copywriter who manages to find inspiration wherever they look. Their work has won a number of industry awards, and their creativity has helped us gain valuable recognition.


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